General Boating Safety

Safety reference materials

Transport operations information as managed / policed  by MSQ (applies to all vessels)

MSQ pre-Easter Nav aids notice here

Recent notices to mariners here
(Colregs) see appendix Marine Orders – Part 30: Prevention of collisions, Issue 8
MSQ advice about the application of Colregs here
The Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994   Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994 (Current as at 1 January 2016)
(MSQ outline of application of the Act to safety matters here)

2017 exemption to the act regarding lightweight craft and EPIRB details here

MSQ tool to assist safe boating here : boating checklist


Legislation that relates to Duty of Care aboard recreational vessels

Safety in Recreational Water Activities Act 2011
Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (as current 2015)
Civil Liability Act 2003 (as current 2013)


BeaconsBrochure 2016 cover

Click on brochure image for AMSA pdf.

A detailed report about Epirb use and rules as apply to Qld  is available here.

This document prepared in May 2016.


Our latest Safety Seminar Was held on the 2nd July 2016

Materials from the seminar follow:

Slide presentation from Coast Guard Manly (QF2) here.  Application for Marine assist membership here
Sailing Safety from the perspective of a MSQ officer here. MSQ boating day out checklist here
The Skippers’ Duty of Care handout for July 2016 Safety Presentation WMYC / WMSC

WMSC safety specifically as relates to race activities.See WMSC safety webpage

WMYC / WMSC on water Safety Management Plan (SMP)
This document is a core component of our MSQ Aquatic permit approvals for sail racing events. SMP here.
This document does have limited guidance for non racing on water activities and all skippers, racing or cruising should at least be familiar with its scope.