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Surname First name YA Sailor ID A little about your experience as a sailor What sort of activity do you want to be involved with at the club
Gold Karen 754595 I have completed the Start crewing and helming course and the Start Skippering course through the RQ. Have grown up boating (cruising) all my life. A Crew on a yatch.
Coulsen Lynne 575171 Safety at Sea Registered Nurse Extensive offshore race and cruise experience Fit 55 y.o, great team member Not available for WAGs unfortunately Weight: 70-75 Keel boats please
Toms Craig N/A Limited to some experience as volunteer crew aboard the South Passage   (trainee watch leader). I would like to be involved in your social racing if possible




Absolute beginner but fast learner. Plan to one day sail to PNG so committed to learning the art.

Sailing, Social




No experience as of 1/1/2017 apart from reading about sailing, Always dreamed of cursing. Good Mechanical and Practical Knowledge and Life experience. Fit and Healthy quick learner. Available for WAGS most weeks and Sunday Social Sailing (When not working I work flexible Roster)

I am just starting out in Sailing but hope to be able to cruise one day. Keen to learn all I can about sailing so that It can be a fun and safe activity for Me and my family I have two children age 2 and 7 looking at getting the 7 year old started Sailing also.




Have been on number of size yachts, 60ft Volvo racing at Hamilton Island to casual sailing around Morten bay on a 28Ft Trailer sailer

Crewing/ Volunteer


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