The WMYC Cruising Division was established as a way to bring together members of our club, family and friends. So….if you own a power boat, a sail boat, a tinnie, a tug boat, a speed boat, or anything that floats and you are a member of WMYC, a family member or a friend or associate we would like to see you. Our cruises are solely designed for like minded people to have FUN, strengthen friendships, make new friends, share stories, share knowledge and remember our past family and friends of WMYC who enriched our lives. Please join us on the few occasions that we gather on the water. “Come on and Catch Up with your mates.”


Please place the following dates in your diary, or on your fridge door so as not to forget. These club activities allows us to once again board our fine vessels and cruise or sail in company across our beautiful Moreton Bay, and not forgetting to use the boat for the purpose for which we intended, to have fun in the sun and on the waters. You will be advised of further details, the itinerary, activities and times etc prior to each cruise.Keep an eye out for email from the club or check the club facebook page. here  

    view 2017 cruise calandar as a pdf

2016 -2017 season will see Noel Glibert and Trevor Brown  share the role of Cruising Chairman with additional back up from Michael and  Sylvia Bryant. As always we look forward to your company, so please join us.   Please feel free to communicate by either Email or phone, see below.
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