Our Patron

JOAN PEASE MP Member for Lytton


I grew up in Birkdale where I had what I now recognise was an idyllic childhood. We neighbourhood children spent many a school holiday splashing about in the local creek where I had my first experience of a sea- going vessel; an inflated tractor tube, which we ‘sailed’ down the creek into Moreton Bay. At Wellington Point beach we fished off the jetty, messed about in tinnies and got stranded on King Island when the tide came in. Stradbroke and Coochiemudlo Islands were also at our doorstep, only a short powerboat ride away – and we were lucky enough to have friends with a powerboat!

I have always lived by the bay, making the move from Birkdale to Wynnum when I married. My husband and I owned a catamaran as young marrieds and made firm friends and had terrific fun with other like-minded locals when we were out testing ourselves physically and mentally on the bay. It was also a bit of a test of our relationship but we survived and are still together after 30 years!

Then when our children came along we downgraded to a tinnie and spent many a luckless hour fishing our waters, but at the same time, exploring and learning about the glorious playground that is Moreton Bay. My children have grown up by the water and learnt to sail and ski around about the same time they learnt to ride a bike.

Living where we do, we might at times take the beauty of Moreton Bay and all it has to offer for granted. However, nothing gives me more pleasure than bringing visitors into the area and seeing their envy and awe as they explore the bayside. It serves as a reminder that not only is this a beautiful part of the world, but a strong sense of community is also clearly evident.

This is an important aspect of what an organisation like the Wynnum Manly Yacht Club has to offer. A shared love of boats and the sea brings people together but so much more underpins this club. Looking out for your mates, looking out for the place we live in, bringing a diversity of people together, spending quality time with family and friends, passing on skills and knowledge and enjoying life on the bay are the foundation of this club.

In a glorious location with wonderful facilities, hard-working volunteers and loyal members, the Wynnum Manly Yacht Club is a vibrant organisation that values and contributes much to life in the bayside. I am very honoured to be its patron.